A Seasonal update

seasons greetings and end of year update

Firstly I would like to wish all my customers and trading partners a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

How the year went

Like the weather its been another unpredictable years trading coming so soon after the pandemic. With changing consumer spending habits and the unprecedented price increases the building industry has faced this year.

I’ve been fortunate to have been kept busy thanks to the loyalty of many regular customers. Some of them have used my services since I started working in the area in 1996. Many who still kindly recommend my work to others. Because they value good workmanship and know that using the cheapest painters isn’t always the best choice.

I needed to update some tools and invested in a high performance dust extractor to work with my orbital sanders. It comes with upgraded M Class dust filtration. To help keep mess to a minimum meaning improved preparation. I call it Marcus in honour of the person who used to clean up for me.

Luckily during a long hot summer I was able to spend more weekends enjoying the Devon and Cornwall coastline in our camper van. In the Autumn we decided to start regular donations to a local food-bank to help anyone who might be struggling with the cost of living.

Website update

Regular visitors may have noticed a few updates to the website recently. My previous web designer introduced me to WordPress publishing. However since he left to find his fortune in bit-coin I have managed the website in-house. Not easy without any previous experience but I’ve always been keen to learn.

Unreliable web hosting and inflexible page builders have caused me no end of problems. Meaning the site wasn’t always totally responsive or smart phone friendly. I solved this when I moved to managed hosting with Guru early this year. The website loads faster, the support has been good and I don’t need to worry about the technical side.

Then I could take a look at the layout which had become a dogs dinner. I did some research and came across Elementor page builder which has been a game changer. I found an easy to use template that I could adapt to my needs. Making updating the layout easier and design process smoother.

Finally I could update the page content which was, to paraphrase Eric Morecambe; All the right words in the wrong order. But without the headache of building pages from scratch, I could concentrate on improving a readers journey through the pages. Later on I started developing a new site for The Wallpaper Hanger a bespoke wallpaper installation service.

Looking forward

As the year comes to a close and I look forward to the future. You don’t need a fortune teller to know the next 12 months will be bumpy for many. Luckly I’ve been doing this for a while now. Learning to adapt to a changing climate and feel confident that once the gloomy weather lifts the outlook will improve.

To help customers save money next year. I’ll be introducing some discounts and special offers. I can’t reveal any details yet but you can keep up to date with announcements. If you follow us Twitter and the more recently created Facebook page.

Customers can also be assured I will still be here working hard to provide the same reliable decorating service that I always have done by playing to my strengths.

In to the future

When the spring finally arrives and you want to update some gloomy rooms or you’re new to the area and need a complete home makeover. If you’ve ordered an expensive wallpaper and don’t want to chance spoiling it by doing it yourself. When you need an experienced local decorator who takes pride in their work. Take another look at what Cabot Decorating can offer.

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