Dust Free Sanding

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Cabot Decorating are proud to offer the latest in dust free sanding technology to all our customers as an integral part of our decorating services.

Good preparation is the key

As professional decorators we know good preparation is the key to quality painting and decorating. Preparing damaged surfaces, making good imperfections and sanding down are all part of the process of achieving professional results. Inevitably this can lead to excessive dust particles in and around the work area particularly in older properties.

Dust free sanding with Cabot Decorating

Cabot Decorating regularly use dust free orbital sanders from Mirka. A range of innovative compact electric random orbital sanders. Lightweight but powerful combined with a hard wearing net abrasive called Abranet. Especially designed for efficient sanding and dust extraction Abranet has literally 1000’s of tiny holes that allow the dust produced to pass through it.  When our sanders are connected to a high powered industrial vacuum extractor virtually all dust produced is safely removed before it can enter the environment. The Mirka dust extractor is specifically designed to work in harmony with Mirka orbital sander. When used together they can reduce harmful dust by up to 95% providing superior surface preparation and a virtually dust free environment.

Dust Free Orbital Sander

Quality from start to finish

Working with high powered dust free sander whenever possible results in improved surface preparation and a cleaner working environment. That means less cleaning up, minimal disruption and a healthier environment for customers. When you compare decorating quotes you should consider the benefits of employing a conscientious professional decorator who uses advanced decorating systems like dust free sanding  to produce painting and decorating of the highest standards that will last for years.

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First posted April 2013 – Updated Sept 2019

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