Professional Surface Preparation

Expert Preparation
by Cabot Decorating

Meticulous surface preparation carried out by qualified professional decorators who take pride in their work.


Quality painting and preparation by professional decorator in Bristol

Preparing For Quality

Cabot Decorating carefully repair and prepare surfaces ready to be redecorated. Efficiently filling unsightly holes and cracks using best industry practices. Thoroughly preparing and sanding down, damaged substrates including dust free sanding on ceilings, walls and woodwork. Using a fastidious approach to all preparation to achieve impressive paint finishes that will last.

“When you fail to prepare - you are preparing for failure”

Benjamin Franklin

Applying the most appropriate primers and sealers to stop early paint failure. Cabot Decorating are up to speed with latest problem solving treatments for more durable paint finishes. Efficient wallpaper stripping, preparing walls and cross lining to provide a smooth base for painting or wallpapering. Masking up and protecting adjacent surfaces to ensure a neat and tidy job.

Expert Surface Preparation

Priming & Sealing

Starting with the right sealers and problem solving primers to stop early paint failure.

Clean & Prepare

Washing down, masking up and preparing surfaces for perfect painting and decorating.

Making Good

Filling and making good ceilings, walls and woodwork to restore them to their original condition.

Dust Free Sanding

High powered orbital sanders and industrial class dust extraction to protect the environment.

“Excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Adrian is friendly, courteous and his preparation is second to none”
Do you want the right surface preparation?

Cabot Decorating are trusted local decorators who understand what it takes to produce outstanding results. Experienced tradespeople who are always keen to learn more. To see the difference cutting edge surface preparation could make to your home makeover. Take a look at some of our completed work.

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